17 years later: Cale Makar is the cover star of NHL 24

17 years later: Cale Makar is the cover star of NHL 24

“I played this game a lot when I was growing up,” says Cale Makar of his reveal as the NHL 24 cover star really great game.” It was even the “first NHL offshoot that I played on the console”. 17 years later, the Colorado Avalanche defender will grace the packaging of an EA SPORTS ice hockey simulation.

Meanwhile, Ovechkin is still active in the NHL, the 37-year-old has been under contract with the Washington Capitals since 2005. In NHL 21, the Russian himself adorned the cover. With the decision for Makar, EA SPORTS has probably finally completed the generation change of the advertising faces. This was continued last year with Trevor Zegras and Sarah Nurse – after Austin Matthews started in NHL 22.

Makar in action – big reveal on Wednesday

Unlike last time, however, the developer is waiting for his new title with “Action Shots” for the cover. While Zegras and Nurse were still posing beaming, Makar is shown in typical hockey moves. For the standard version, the 24-year-old can be seen from the side chasing the puck. The X Factor Edition, on the other hand, shows him from above shortly after a shot – his body casts a shadow on the ice.

The larger part of the reveal – including innovations for gameplay, modes and other facets – takes place on Wednesday. The release date of NHL 24 has not yet been revealed. The community has chosen October 13th as the most likely date for the worldwide release. So far, however, this has not been officially confirmed.


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