According to the leaker, GTA 6: Release could be a novelty

According to the leaker, GTA 6: Release could be a novelty

GTA 6 has been a hot topic in the rumor mill for some time and, as is well known, it had a big leak by a hacker last year, which offered a lot of insights into the game. It is currently assumed that Rockstar Games could officially present the long-awaited sequel to the GTA series later this year with an announcement trailer.

Now a post from the Twitter channel @GTAVI_Countdown, which specializes in rumors and leaks about the game, is causing a stir, according to which GTA 6, in contrast to the previous parts of the game series, could appear on consoles and PC at the same time. Meanwhile, the predecessor GTA 5 appeared for the first time in autumn 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360, while the newer consoles in the form of PS4 and Xbox One were considered a year later and the PC was not even considered until April 2015. With GTA 4, the individual console versions even appeared at different times.

GTA 6: PC version is considered secured

In all likelihood, GTA 6 will only appear for the current consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X | S as well as the PC, with the previous mega leak from last year providing an indication of a simultaneous release of the PC version: This is how in In the leaked material, we saw mentions of Nvidia graphics cards, Windows 10, debug menus and typical video memory error messages.

As the website notes, Rockstar Games usually announces large projects at least a year before release. Therefore, it seems plausible that a GTA 6 trailer could appear before the end of the year. An announcement in the coming months would also coincide with the release in fiscal year 2025 recently hinted at by publisher Take-Two.


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