After a major fire on the “Freemantle Highway”: Recovery of the load begins

After a major fire on the "Freemantle Highway": Recovery of the load begins

After the devastating fire on the car freighter off the Dutch coast, the salvage of the cargo began on Saturday. The media quoted the salvage companies Boskalis and Multraship as saying that the cars standing on the lower four decks of the “Fremantle Highway” should be taken off the ship after passing through a car wash. There are ecological reasons why the cars are still washed on board. The dirty water is collected and disposed of.

In the port, cars are parked in a specially protected area. What happens to them next is up to the car manufacturers and cargo inspectors to decide. According to the companies, the recovery will take more than a week.


cars 3800 are said to be so destroyed that they cannot be recovered.

The upper decks were so badly damaged by the fire that the wagons located there are fused to the deck. According to the experts, around 2,700 of the approximately 3,800 cars on board have been destroyed and can probably not be recovered.

The Japanese freighter was towed to Eemshaven in early August after the fire had raged for days. The cause of the fire is still unknown and an investigation is ongoing. One person died during the evacuation of the ship.

The “Fremantle Highway” can remain in the port on the Dutch side of the Ems estuary until October 14th. From there the freighter is to be towed to another location where it will be scrapped or repaired. (dpa)


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