After assassination of presidential candidate in Ecuador, running mate runs

Ecuador Strike National Ecuador faces a serious crisis of social upheaval.  Several clashes between police and demonstrator

The centrist Construye party announced on Saturday that Andrea Gonzáles should run instead of Villavicencio. Who will run as the new candidate for the vice presidency should be announced in the coming hours. González, 36, a longtime Villavicencio ally, is scheduled to take part in a campaign debate in Quito on Sunday. So far, she has primarily campaigned for environmental issues such as protecting the oceans and mangrove forests, as well as fighting against wildlife smuggling and deforestation.

Former journalist and MP Villavicencio, who dedicated himself to fighting corruption, was running for the presidency for the first time and was considered a promising candidate. He was shot dead on the way to his car after a campaign rally on Wednesday night. Six Colombians were arrested after the attack. A seventh attacker was shot dead by security forces. The head of state of the South American country, Guillermo Lasso, blamed members of “organized crime” for the murder.

Ecuador controlled by criminal drug gangs

On Saturday, around 4,000 members of the army and police took part in an operation in a prison in Guayaquil in the south-west of the country. According to the authorities, the mission was for the influential gang leader José Adolfo Macías, alias “Fito”. The leader of the criminal gang “Los Choneros” is said to have threatened Villavicencio before he was killed.

On the online platform Twitter, which has since been renamed X, President Lasso published images showing a bearded man being led away by security forces. In other images, the man can be seen in his underwear and lying face down on the floor. The prison authority (Snai) confirmed to the AFP news agency that the man was “Fito”, who had been in prison since 2011. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison for organized crime, drug trafficking and murder.



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