AI instead of gaming: Nvidia is expected to sell more than 500,000 HPC accelerators in 2023

AI instead of gaming: Nvidia is expected to sell more than 500,000 HPC accelerators in 2023

Artificial intelligence instead of Geforce and gaming has been the motto at Nvidia for a long time in terms of orientation. Manufacturers give top priority to business with AI accelerators, specialized GPGPUs (“General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units”) and supercomputers for the HPC segment (“High-Performance Computing”). The comparatively young business area, which Nvidia currently dominates, is far too lucrative.

More than half a million H100 accelerators in 2023

As the British business magazine Financial Times now reports, Nvidia should be able to plan sales of more than half a million H100 accelerators for the current fiscal year alone. According to this, the manufacturer will sell around 550,000 H100 accelerators in 2023, while Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) and China duel and outbid each other for the high-performance accelerators available.

But most of the H100 accelerators and DGX supercomputers will go to American tech companies, several insiders linked to Nvidia and TSMC told the Financial Times. The company could thus further consolidate its supremacy in this area.

The exact configurations of the AI ​​accelerators in Nvidia’s order books are not known, but based on the “cheapest” product in the model series, the H100 accelerator with 80 GiByte HBM3, which is traded for around 30,000 US dollars, the expected Sales amount to around 16.5 billion US dollars.

Demand can hardly be satisfied

As Tom’s Hardware now reports, Nvidia and the world’s largest contract manufacturer TSMC can hardly meet the demand for the chips for the coveted AI accelerators, since the corresponding silicon is manufactured in a so-called CoWoS package and the foundry is struggling with the capacities to increase for this housing method.

AMD also wants its share of the AI ​​cake

AMD also recognized the shift towards AI and would therefore also like to position itself accordingly. As the manufacturer in person Dr. Lisa Su, the chipmaker’s CEO and president, announced when announcing its latest business figures that the company will focus even more on its artificial intelligence businesses in the future and make it the “number 1 priority”.

In particular, the focus is on the HPC accelerator AMD Instinct MI300, which is to be delivered to partner companies and major customers in the second half of this year. In addition to Instinct, the strategy also includes Ryzen as well as systems-on-a-chip and FPGAs, which result from the takeover of Xilinx.

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