Al-Ittihad inspired by Liverpool to score against Al-Tai

Al-Ittihad inspired by Liverpool to score against Al-Tai

It’s all very well to buy so many players but if no one is watching the ball, it’s not much use.

Demonstration in Saudi Arabia, where Al-Tai conceded a completely gag goal against Al-Ittihad. We play the 54e when Karim Benzema sees Victor Braga, the opposing goalkeeper, superbly blocking his way to the net and sending the swell for a corner. So inevitably, his colleagues take the opportunity to congratulate him.

Except that during this time, Coronado gallops to send the leather to the first post where Abderrazak Hamed Allah rode to catapult him to the bottom. If Al-Ittihad will finally make the break at the very end of the match, it is this completely lunar caramel that allowed Benzema and his band to investigate a second success in as many days.

Plan to also send the 2019 Liverpool-Barça tape to Saudi Arabia.


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