AMD FSR 3: DLSS-3 competitor with frame interpolation is supposed to appear soon

AMD FSR 3: DLSS-3 competitor with frame interpolation is supposed to appear soon

In recent years, upscaling techniques such as Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR have become significantly more important. Most recently, Nvidia made a significant leap when they announced DLSS 3 with the RTX 4000 graphics cards and thus brought image generation into play. This allows the supported graphics cards to display additional intermediate frames if necessary in order to increase the frame rate without putting a strain on the processor

Approaching release of FSR 3

AMD felt compelled to give an answer for its own RX 7000 models and announced a direct competitor with FSR 3. But while DLSS 3 has been in use since the end of last year, there is still no trace of FSR 3. According to the YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, that’s about to change: he wants to know when the new software with “Fluid Motion Frames Technology” will finally be released.

AMD is said to have informed an OEM that FSR 3 should be released in the fourth quarter of 2023 – sometime between September and December. The goal should be an early release in September so that the technology is available for the upcoming release of the Navi 32 graphics cards.

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If the rumor is true, you can probably look forward to the release of FSR 3 and the previously missing RX 7700 and RX 7800 graphics cards with Navi 32 in a few weeks. If this actually happens, AMD’s offer should then appear much more complete and possibly cause more price movements on the market again.

Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead via PC Gamer


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