AMD Radeon RX 7900: Navi 31 (X)XL with 5,120 RDNA 3 shader units+ should be made mobile (rumour)

AMD Radeon RX 7900: Navi 31 (X)XL with 5,120 RDNA 3 shader units+ should be made mobile (rumour)

The RDNA 3 graphics processor Navi 31, which as a hybrid of Navi 31 chiplet GPU and Navi 32 package also forms the basis for the AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE (“Golden Rabbit Edition”), which has been much discussed in recent weeks , should also be used on dedicated mobile Radeon graphics cards in an even larger expansion stage and would thus target the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 laptop GPU. Currently, 2,048 shaders define the spearhead in the mobile RDNA 3 portfolio.

Thanks to Navi 31 (X)XL, Radeon should have a say in the notebook

As the Chinese hardware reviewer “Golden Pig Upgrade”, known for its mostly accurate preliminary information, has now announced via the video sharing platform Bilibili, AMD is to use the RDNA 3 CPU Navi 31 XL, which was previously on the AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE was used, bring it into the notebook. From the information that the “Leaker” is said to have, it is clear that the shader units are to be expanded again.

Radeon RX 7900M with Navi 31 against Geforce RTX 4080

With more than 5,120 RDNA-3 shader units active on the Navi 31 XL of the Radeon RX 7900 GRE, at least the potential new top model, a possible Radeon RX 7900M XTX or 7900M XT, should be an opponent to an Nvidia Geforce RTX Position 4080 laptop GPU. Compared to the desktop, the TBP (“Total Board Power”) would have to be significantly reduced because a power loss of 260 watts is not practicable here. A maximum power consumption of 175 watts like Nvidia seems realistic.

Radeon RX 7800M with Navi 32 is conceivable

Between the four mobile RDNA 3 graphics cards presented so far, the Radeon RX 7600S, Radeon RX 7600M, Radeon RX 7700S and Radeon RX 7600M XT, and possible top models with Navi 31 GPUs, there would still be plenty of scope for several “AMD Radeon RX 7800M” with Navi 32. AMD’s latest graphics processor celebrates its premiere on the Radeon RX 7800 XT.

At least with Navi 31 XL, the smaller package taken over from Navi 32 has already indicated that the GPU could also be designed for mobile use. Like the Navi 33, the Navi 32 should be suitable for this segment anyway.

Source: Golden Pig Upgrade via Bilibili via Videocardz


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