AMD Radeon RX 8000: This is what Navi 41 could have looked like based on RDNA 4 (rumour)

AMD Radeon RX 8000: This is what Navi 41 could have looked like based on RDNA 4 (rumour)

According to the latest information from the rumor mill, AMD is said to have canceled the two graphics processors Navi 41 and Navi 42 and thus the graphics cards from the “Radeon RX 8900 and Radeon RX 8800” series, but the evidence for this is still extremely contradictory. Renderings show what Navi 4X could have looked like in the form of the top-of-the-line Navi 41. Based on the @Olrak29_ shared information @creper9000 all the work done now.

However, the Twitter user points out that the footage is not particularly accurate. AMD has not commented on the rumors about RDNA 4, Navi 4X and Radeon RX 8000 and has not published any information about its upcoming graphics cards.

Radeon RX 8000 (“RDNA 4”) without Navi 41 and Navi 42?

As the Twitter users @Kepler_L2, @All_The_Watts and @uzzi38, who are known for such information, have more or less indicated, the Radeon RX 8000 based on the upcoming RDNA 4 architecture should only use the small GPUs of the type Navi 43 (“Radeon RX 8700 and RX 8600”) and Navi 44 (“Radeon RX 8500”), while Navi 41 (“Radeon RX 8900”) and Navi 42 (“Radeon RX 8800”) are said to have been deleted completely and therefore without replacement.

While @Kepler_L2, who in the past was not always quite right with RDNA 3 and its shader perfetch, would like to have learned that RDNA 4 will do the same as the very first RDNA generation and will do without high-end GPUs @All_The_Watts indicate that in the end only the smaller graphics processors Navi 43 and Navi 44 will “survive”. The renderings demonstrate what a Navi 41 graphics processor might look like.

Performance increases for RDNA 4 were officially promised, which should hardly come as a surprise, and the first models may already be seen in 2024. According to the AMD roadmap, they should be manufactured in an “advanced node” – could be an optimized 5 nm process or 3 nm. The latter would possibly explain why one prefers to concentrate on small chip areas, because that improves the yield. At the moment this is all pure speculation.

Still to be enjoyed with great caution

All of this information is currently still to be treated with great caution, since the sources involved have been wrong in the past and have been wrong. In addition, AMD has not said a word about a possible deletion of its high-end class (“Ultra Enthusiast Class”) and upper class (“Enthusiast Class”). All information is therefore clearly to be classified as rumours.

Sources: @Kepler_L2, @Olrak29_, @creper9000 via Wccftech


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