Announcement of the World Cup application is delayed – Johaug is not there when the national team squad is presented: “I will test on the training day”

Therese Johaug smiles

Therese Johaug will only reveal at the end of May or beginning of June whether there will be a real comeback and a bet on the World Cup in Trondheim. This is what Johaug’s manager Jørn Ernst told the newspaper VG.

The superlatives followed each other after Therese Johaug’s comeback at the Norwegian championships a few weeks ago. Johaug then smashed all opponents on the three-mile course.

After the competition, the question immediately arose as to whether there would be an application for the World Cup next winter, but Johaug did not want to give any specific details.

And the announcement will take a while. When the Norwegian national team squad is presented on April 26, Johaug’s name is not on the list.

– The announcement of a comeback will take place at the end of May or beginning of June. She said that herself, Johaug’s manager Jørn Ernst tells VG.

After her three-mile gold, Johaug said she needed to get better to compete against the world elite.

According to Ernst, Johaug will practice a lot in the coming weeks to get an idea of ​​where she stands.

– She will train hard and test the training routine she knows is required to reach the level she wants to achieve. At the same time, she also has to think about the family situation.

– She will use the time until the end of May to train a lot, he says.

The World Cup starts at the end of November. The WC will take place between February 26th and March 9th, 2025.


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