Apple Watch 9: Is Apple going for a new bracelet design? (Rumor)

 Apple Watch 9: Is Apple going for a new bracelet design?  (Rumor)

Expectations in the tech industry are that Apple will unveil the Apple Watch 9 in a matter of weeks. It should probably be announced together with the iPhone 15. The latest rumors date an Apple event to be September 12th or 13th. A new leak now suggests that the Apple wearable could appear with a new bracelet design.

Apple Watch 9: Comparable to the original buckle design

According to Apple leaker @KosutamiSan, Apple is likely to unveil a new strap for the Apple Watch 9 at the event, which is likely to take place in September. This should probably consist of woven fabrics and a magnetic buckle. The new bracelet design is comparable to the original buckle design with which the first Apple Watch came onto the market. On X (formerly Twitter), the leaker showed one Concept drawing of how to roughly envision the design. Visually, the design shown is reminiscent of Apple’s braided Solo Loop and Sport Loop straps.

What else to expect from the Apple Watch 9? According to a recent rumor, the Apple Watch 9 will remain “basically unchanged” in direct comparison to the previous version of the wearable. A rumored processor update with a better and more efficient chipset could also promise a better battery life. The new processor is said to be based on the Apple A15 chip. This was first installed in the iPhone 13 in 2021.

Caution rumor: As with every tech industry rumor or leak we report at PCGH, the wording here is to exercise caution. Without official confirmation, rumors are merely speculation about future developments – nothing more and nothing less.

Source: X/Twitter


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