Archaeologists discovered a seventeenth-century “vampire boy” with an ankle tied with a padlock: they feared he might rise from his grave

Archaeologists discovered a seventeenth-century

Archaeologists discovered in a Polish Cemetery the skeleton of a child between 5 and 7 years old lying face down and “Padlocked to the Earth” by the ankles.

The decision to tie him by the ankles is believed to be part of a series of Superstitions that some families had to make sure that their relatives could not return from the dead.

The discovery took place in the village of Pieńnear Ostromecko.

“The padlock under the foot symbolizes the closure of a stage of life and Protects against the return of the deceased, which was probably feared,” he explains. Dariusz Poliński, professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University who led the excavation. “These practices have their origins in popular beliefs and are sometimes described as anti-vampires,” he told Business Insider.

Poliński said the practice of burying bodies upside down was to ensure that the deceased “Bite the earth and do not harm the living”.

In this “necropolis”, which in Greek means “City of the Dead”, archaeologists also discovered last year a female “vampire” buried with a padlock on her big toe and a sickle on her neck to cut off his head if he tried to resuscitate.

“Ways to protect against the return of the dead include cutting off the head or legs, placing the deceased face down to bite the ground, burn it and crush it with a stone. The sickle was not placed flat but on the neck in such a way that if the deceased had tried to get up, the head would most likely have been cut off or injured,” the expert noted.

He added that the padlocked big toe on the skeleton’s left foot probably symbolized “the Closure of a stage and the impossibility of returning“. Other times, corpses had their heads and legs cut off.

The archaeology professor stated to Insider that the two graves were found a few meters apart in the cemetery, which his team believes was an improvised one for “The excluded”, or those who were not welcome in Christian cemeteries.

Poliński and his researchers discovered some 100 graves in the cemetery, many of which show irregular burial techniques, including “Anti-vampire” tactics used to prevent people from “coming back from the grave”.

The researcher believes there are several reasons why a person may have been buried in such a cemetery. He may have exhibited strange behavior while living that caused others to fear him. You may also have had an unusual illness or physical condition that affected your appearance.

“It could also have been a Death violently and suddenly in strange circumstances. Sudden death used to be considered something people should fear.” he said. Business Insider.

Poliński claimed they also found a collection of loose bones near the child’s grave, as well as a pregnant woman with a fetus about 6 months old.


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