Are Russians breaking through in the north? Ukraine orders evacuation in Kharkiv area

Ukrainian soldiers are preparing a multiple rocket launcher to launch rockets at Russian positions on the front line near Bakhmut.

In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian government ordered the evacuation of around 12,000 people. The reason for this lies in Russia’s repeated attempts to break through the front line there. Loud TheTelegraph residents of 37 locations have the option of leaving the region or writing down that they want to stay voluntarily.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Hanna Maliar told TheTelegraphthat the fighting, especially around the city of Kupyansk, was intense. Kiev itself assumes that Russia has over 100,000 soldiers and 900 tanks stationed in Kharkiv. The goal behind this could be to regain territory lost last summer. Minister Maliar also indicated that Russia has an urge to advance especially in the direction of the city of Kupiansk.

Kuleba tries to make a World War comparison

A notable comparison was made by Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister. He drew parallels between Ukraine’s current defense challenges and the historic Battle of Monte Cassino in World War II. He emphasized how the Allies were able to overcome German defenses with enormous effort at the time.

Another information that TheTelegraph shared, concerns the use of cluster munitions by Ukraine. This is said to have helped to take Russian positions. Additional developments include Ukraine’s advance in the Donetsk region and the deaths of Russian soldiers near Melitopo. There were also drone strikes in Ukraine and in the Moscow suburbs, the latter of which was confirmed by Russia.

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