Astral Tracks: Competitive Speedrunner Announced

Astral Tracks: Competitive Speedrunner Announced

Developed by German studio LAB132, Astral Tracks brings together Neon White and Mirror’s Edge to create a competitive speedrunner.

LAB132 is pleased to announce its new PC and console title, Astral Tracks. Astral Tracks is a competitive speedrunning 3D platformer that offers the player a variety of dynamic movement options.

From Spider-Man-esque swinging to Titanfall-esque wall-running, players must use these abilities to complete Astral Tracks’ procedurally generated platforming levels as quickly as possible and defeat their friends both locally and online.

In Astral Tracks, players run, jump, dash, swing, slide, and dash their way through procedurally generated tracks assembled from handcrafted pieces. The game’s diverse movement options encourage players to refine their runs and experiment with new approaches to set the best times while dealing with all the surprising obstacles the game has to offer.

Astral Tracks supports both local and online multiplayer and features an online leaderboard to encourage you to jump back in and take a few seconds off your time.

Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges add extra fun to the runs through Astral Tracks cyber sci-fi scenery and increase the level of competition by bringing together players competing against each other on the same tracks.

Progress in the game is rewarded with unlockable costumes and accessories, which can be purchased with in-game currency (there are no microtransactions), from odd tin hats to elegant butterfly wings, unifying the game’s Marvel-inspired interdimensional sci-fi aesthetic give a touch of eccentricity.

Laura Koerting, Co-Founder of LAB132, said: “We are extremely excited to finally reveal Astral Tracks and announce that it is on its way to PC and consoles. Seeing how the world reacted to Neon White while we were working behind the scenes on Astral Tracks was really heartening and showed us that there is an appetite for indie speedrunners. With our dynamic, motion-based gameplay and procedurally generated stages, we offer our own unique twist and we can’t wait to show more.”

Announcement trailer and pictures:


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