Attention cat lovers: Colorful announces graphics cards, mainboards and cases from the “MEOW Series”.

Attention cat lovers: Colorful announces graphics cards, mainboards and cases from the

The Chinese graphics card manufacturer Colorful, which is also known to gamers in this country, has two new graphics cards from the current Geforce RTX 4000 series (“Ada Lovelace”) via its sub-brand Colorfire, a motherboard for Intel’s core processors and a comparatively compact one Case presented in cat design. The two graphics cards from the MEOW series rely on the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 and the small Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 Ti with 8 GiByte GDDR6 graphics memory. Cat lovers should be happy about the bright colors and lots of cat paws. The motherboard, based on the Colorful B760M Frozen WIFI D5 v20, as well as the “cat case” and a custom keyboard complete the look.

The starting point for Colorfire’s “MEOW-Series” are standard models from the parent company Coloful, which are then adapted exclusively in terms of design. The technical specifications are absolutely identical and correspond to the manufacturer’s series products.

Cat themed graphic cards with soft colors

Unlike the majority of current graphics cards, which are increasingly aggressive, dominant and conspicuous in design, the Colorfire Geforce RTX 4070 MEOW and the Colorfire Geforce RTX 4060 Ti MEOW rely on a subtle white cooling solution, soft colors for the fans and details as well as numerous small ones cat paws.

The manufacturer relies on a color combination of white, silver, gold and orange and thus implements a cooling concept that uses a total of three axial fans with different diameters at a height of 2.5 to 3 slots. The small Colorfire lettering on the side of the graphics cards can be illuminated with the help of the appropriate RGB software. In terms of memory and clock speeds, Colorful adheres to Nvidia’s specifications.

Both graphics cards have a length of 331 mm and are supplied with energy via a single 8-pin connector according to PCIe 4.0. The large Colorfire Geforce RTX 4070 MEOW costs 630 euros, the Geforce RTX 4060 Ti MEOW changes hands for 420 euros. Both models are already available for sale through major Chinese e-commerce platform

Mainboard and housing also rely on paws

In addition to the two graphics cards based on the Geforce RTX 4070 and 4060 Ti, Colorful also offers the Colorfire B760M-MEOW WIFI 5D, a mainboard for current Intel core processors, which is based on the current B760 chipset and voltage modulation of 12+1 phases puts. All components are visually coordinated and should find their home in the MEOW case.

In the combination of case, mainboard and graphics card, the design under the slogan “Cats rule the world” is appropriately rounded and offers a friendly and varied contrast to the gaming segment dominated by “RGB discos” and aggressive designs.

Another range of accessories, which also runs under the Colorfire brand within the “MEOW Series” and includes AiO water cooling, various fans and an RGB panel, completes the “Kitty Design”.

Sources: via ITHome


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