Avowed: Focus on co-op has been deprecated

Avowed: Focus on co-op has been deprecated

Obsidian Entertainment originally wanted to develop Avowed with a co-op focus, but they scrapped the idea.

In the last part of Obsidian Entertainment’s 20th anniversary documentary, participating developers reported some interesting details about their games.

So initially the Xbox first-party game Avowed was supposed to be a kind of Skyrim. Feargus Urquhart also revealed in the documentary that he has long held onto the idea of ​​making it a co-op game.

The studio believed before it was acquired by Microsoft that it would be more interesting for publishers. Apparently, however, they have focused too much on a co-op aspect and adjusted their pipelines instead of the things they actually do best.

Finally, Urquhart also acknowledged his misjudgment of the game, making it the single-player role-playing game that was first introduced in June.


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