Bahn is said to get an additional 12.5 billion

Bahn is said to get an additional 12.5 billion

Deutsche Bahn is apparently to receive additional billions from the climate and transformation fund. This is reported by the dpa news agency and refers to the draft of the fund’s economic plan that it has. According to this, Deutsche Bahn is to receive an additional 12.5 billion euros by 2027 – more precisely four billion each in 2024 and 2025 and 2.25 billion each in 2026 and 2027. In addition, Deutsche Bahn is to make its own contribution of three billion.

The railways are planning a major renovation program for the partly dilapidated rail infrastructure from next year. By 2030, the most important routes in the network are to be completely overhauled and enable higher utilization. “About 80 percent of the reasons for the unpunctuality are due to the infrastructure. There is nothing else that helps but to raise the overall system to a different quality,” Deutsche Bahn boss Richard Lutz said almost two weeks ago when presenting Deutsche Bahn’s half-yearly balance sheet.

As early as March, the traffic light coalition had stated that Deutsche Bahn would need an additional 45 billion euros for investments by 2027. Around 30 billion of this is to come from the extended truck toll, which is also to be provided with a CO2 surcharge. According to the draft, the remaining 15 billion could now come from the climate and transformation fund and Deutsche Bahn’s own contribution.

economic plan not approved yet

The climate and transformation fund is a special fund of the federal government, with which the conversion to climate neutrality should be promoted. These include, for example, energetic building renovations, the conversion of industry to renewable energies, electromobility and charging infrastructure. The pot is fed, among other things, from the income from the CO2 price in the transport and heating sector.

The fund’s economic plan has not yet been approved. According to the dpa, however, it is expected that the Federal Cabinet will now quickly decide on it by circulation. According to dpa, the planned volume of expenditure for 2024 is 57.6 billion euros.


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