Baldur’s Gate 3: Criticism for missing translators in the credits – Larian intervenes

Baldur's Gate 3: Criticism for missing translators in the credits - Larian intervenes

You work on a big project for years and in the end you don’t even get credit for it. Unfortunately, this is happening more often lately with gaming and film projects where collaborators are simply left out of the credits. Recently, this also happened with the record-breaking RPG Baldur’s Gate 3, released on August 3rd on the PC, in which numerous translators were left uncredited. The Larian developers have now requested a personnel list from the responsible localization company and would like to submit the names of those involved in a patch.

Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V apparently only works for executives, according to one translator

“Congratulations to the heroes who translated Baldur’s Gate 3,” a translator recently tweeted. “I’m sorry you guys didn’t get the proper credit, but Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V is still way too complicated for Altagram Group. For some reason, this keyboard shortcut only seems to work on executive names. That is really weird!”

In a second post, the translator writes that the localization team worked on the localization for three years and translated more than a million words. However, the localization company Altagram only allowed the executives to be listed in the credits. As reported by a translator of the Spanish localization, his name was listed in the game’s credits. Only the employees who worked for Altagram are said to have been passed over.

“That was the Altagram group,” a spokesman for Larian said in a statement to colleagues at Eurogamer. “We have reached out to them and committed them to correcting this. The full credits will be available with Hotfix 3. Once this was brought to our (Larian’s) attention, we took steps together with Altagram to fix this immediately. ” In the meantime, the Belgian Larian Studios have indicated that the credits should not be adjusted with a hotfix, but with Update 1.

Source: Eurogamer, Play3


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