Baldur’s Gate 3 issues: Larian has to withdraw Hotfix 4

Baldur's Gate 3 issues: Larian has to withdraw Hotfix 4

That went wrong: After Larian first announced the rollout of Hotfix 4 for Baldur’s Gate 3 late in the evening, it was quickly recovered. This caused confusion.

Roll back to Hotfix 3

It sounded good at first: With Hotfix 4 for BG3, the Belgian studio once again wanted to implement improvements in hardcore role-playing games. The changelog on Steam mentioned that the fourth hotfix should address multiple crash issues, bugs, sequencing issues, and issues with followers constantly trying to sleep in. However, Hotfix 4 did not stay online for long. A short time later reported Larianthat due to a build bug that leads to new crashes, the delivery has been pulled until further notice.

It was rolled back to Hotfix 3, so BG3 players can continue playing with it. However, it is not possible to load savegames that were created with Hotfix 4. Anyone who has played and saved with Hotfix 4 should wait for Hotfix 4 to be re-released if they have made significant game progress. Larian apologizes to all players for the inconvenience. It has not yet been confirmed when Hotfix 4 will come.

Nothing should change in the changelog for Hotfix 4, we also refer to the original posting on Steam because of the risk of spoilers. Larian also let it be known that the next step after Hotfix 4 is Patch 1 for BG3 announced by Swen Vincke. After the four hotfixes, it is a “major update with over 1,000 corrections and adjustments”. After that comes Patch 2, which implements some of the biggest community requests.


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