Baldur’s Gate 3: Much-requested character customization feature coming soon

Baldur's Gate 3: Much-requested character customization feature coming soon

So far, Baldur’s Gate 3 has been the measure of all things in the role-playing year 2023. A large number of records have been broken, new standards have been set – even if Larian boss Swen Vincke still resists this praise. At least one thing is certain: according to Metacritic, what is currently the best PC game of all time is immensely popular. As befits a true RPG, countless hours can be spent in the character editor to create your own character (I never speak from experience here).

But once you have been able to decide on an appearance, it can no longer be changed later in the course of the score – accordingly, many fans are demanding an update that will provide this feature later. This request was repeated on Twitter to Michael Douse – director of publishing at Larian Studios – who has since confirmed that “things are being cooked”; say that such a feature is already in the works.

It is not yet known when exactly Larian Studios will release this update with subsequent editing of the character. Elsewhere, a mod helps to improve the character’s appearance: With the “Transmog” mod, the appearance of a certain piece of armor can be transferred to other items. This feature would also lend itself to be added as part of the character editor update.

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