Baldur’s Gate 3: New mod adds feature highly requested by fans

Baldur's Gate 3: New mod adds feature highly requested by fans

Baldur’s Gate 3 is well received by fans and critics alike and often earns the title of a masterpiece. But even a masterpiece is not always perfect, which is why some players repeatedly complain about the lack of certain features. One of these concerns the ability to customize your character’s appearance – both their body and clothing.

Transmog mod with important limitation

For the latter, however, there is now a mod that allows players to transfer the look of a certain piece of armor to other items. For example, if you find the design of a certain chest armor particularly chic because of the better values, but have to wear a different piece of clothing, you can use the mod to preserve the appearance of the “nicer” armor – but only with one major restriction.

Because unfortunately the mod currently only works with the starter armor sets of the origin characters, whose appearance can be transferred to other armor parts. So even with the mod, players cannot transmogrify their equipment completely at will. To make proper use of this admittedly somewhat limited option, you can use the camp clothing slots to keep your character walking around in the look of the starter armor at all times. Meanwhile, he actually wears a different armor with correspondingly better values.

The mod is available as a free download from the Nexusmods website. The Mod Fixer, which is also free, is required as an additional tool. Incidentally, a look at the download page of the transmog mod reveals that the demand for such a feature seems to be quite high: the mod already has 18,460 views within one day, even if the number of downloads is significantly lower. But maybe the developers will understand and sooner or later they will deliver a transmog feature themselves with a later update.

Source: PCGamer


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