Baldur’s Gate 3: This is how players can easily sort the inventory

Baldur's Gate 3: This is how players can easily sort the inventory

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a gigantic role-playing game. So gigantic that there have been a number of heated discussions over the past few weeks about the length of the game. But the question of whether the title is too extensive or not is not the point here. But about another aspect: the inventory. In an RPG with a huge game world, there are of course also a number of items that, depending on the design of the menu, can cause headaches for the players. Baldur’s Gate 3 is no exception, but two hobbyists can help.

Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory will be much clearer thanks to mods

Anyone who randomly throws items, armour, weapons, scrolls and other items into their luggage in Baldur’s Gate 3 will soon be faced with a chaos that can hardly be unraveled. Because in contrast to the alchemy ingredients, there is no automatic sorting option for the rest of the inventory. If you don’t want to do without these, you have to use a mod. Two fans have already taken the trouble to develop one. One is Liareth’s “Bags Bags Bags” and the other is Auridh’s “Additional Autosort Containers”.

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Both extensions are available for free at Nexusmods. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. “Bags Bags Bags” brings 21 new bags into which items are automatically sorted. “Additional Autosort Containers” only offers six new item boxes, but gives them nice names and even little background stories. The mods make a lot of sense and could serve as a template for Larian in a future update. At the moment, however, the studio is mainly busy with bug fixes and the release of the PS5 version.

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