Bargain shop Temu: Consumer center NRW with warning

Bargain shop Temu: Consumer center NRW with warning

The online retailer Temu is currently incredibly popular and attracts with its low prices. The platform offers, among other things, electronics, fashion, home accessories and even kitchen utensils for a few euros. The consumer center NRW now warns of the shop. Because buyers should think twice before hitting the low prices.

Beware of the bargain purchase

Above all, Temu wants to impress potential buyers with its low prices and free shipping. However, there is also a reason why the various products from the retailer are so unbeatably cheap. As the consumer center NRW writes, the goods on offer are mostly cheap no-name items. In addition, buyers cannot know who the goods came from and under what circumstances they were produced. In addition, compliance with quality or safety standards is not guaranteed. The authenticity of alleged branded goods is also doubtful.

In addition, consumers at Temu, as with other shops from abroad, have to consider a few things before ordering. For example, taxes or customs duties may apply. Furthermore, the delivery times could be longer than expected. In addition, buyers should consider what they do in the event of an exchange, for example if the goods do not fit, they do not like them, they are broken or the quality is poor. There is often no contact person for such a case or customer service is difficult to reach.

The consumer center NRW therefore advises to check alternatives before buying from Temu. The same or a similar product may also be available from other shops that ship from the EU. Possible taxes or customs duties would also be eliminated, which means that the purchase price can even be cheaper than with Temu. In addition, special offers and playful elements would encourage Temu to make further purchases, such as a virtual wheel of fortune, which is displayed immediately after the app is started. This would tempt users to buy more than they actually want.

Source: Consumer Advice Center NRW


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