Battlefield 2042: Update 5.2.1 is coming – what changes are coming?

Battlefield 2042: Update 5.2.1 is coming - what changes are coming?

Battlefield 2042 is probably not one of the most popular games in the series. This is supported by the mixed reviews from users, a rather meager rating of 68 points on the Metacritic site and a user rating of 2.1. Upon release, players criticized a variety of issues, particularly technical ones, and the lack of features that existed in previous titles. Since then, Swedish developer studio DICE has tried to improve Battlefield 2042 with several updates. Patch 5.2.1 is scheduled to appear in the course of the next week.

Update 5.2.1 for Battlefield 2042 mainly brings quality of life improvements to the game. For example, the AI ​​soldiers will no longer pointlessly fire at the Irish fortification system and an issue related to downed specialists standing up during the revive process will be fixed. The remainder of the patch notes mostly focus on gameplay upgrades and balance improvements introduced with the 5.2.1 update for Battlefield 2042, such as reducing the K30 weapon’s horizontal recoil.

Dozer’s shield slam range is reduced by 16% to improve game balance. An exploit that caused downed players to be stuck in the revived state is also fixed. Also fixed an issue where smoke grenades disappeared too quickly under certain weather conditions. It also improves scenarios where players would take explosive damage through walls. These changes are intended to improve the overall gaming experience in Battlefield 2042.

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