Before Payday 3: Payday 2 is almost a gift on Steam

Before Payday 3: Payday 2 is almost a gift on Steam

Almost exactly one month until Payday 3 appears for the PC. As far as the story is concerned, players certainly don’t have to have played the predecessors. The story hardly plays a role in the online heist shooters. But if you want to warm up for the successor, now is the ideal opportunity to do so. The reason is that Payday 2 is currently available on Steam for €0.99. That’s a whopping 90 percent discount for a title with 89 percent positive user ratings.

That’s how big the step from Payday 2 to Payday 3 will be

In Payday 2 up to four players can go on raids together. It depends on the right mix of skills, because the banks do not hand over their money without a fight. From planning to robbery to escape, players go through exciting missions over and over again. The special thing about the Payday series are the dynamic events. No heist is meant to feel the same, as some variables are always rebalancing. So it’s no wonder that Payday 2 still has a loyal fan base ten years after its launch.

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There are several leaks for the sequel:

  • Payday 3: Leak reveals the names of the first eight heists
  • Payday 3: Giant Leak shows uncut gameplay

Exactly these fans should be curious to see how the sequel will differ from their beloved game. One difference is the switch to Unreal Engine 4, which will be converted to Unreal Engine 5 after launch. But there are also points that hit the community hard even before publication. Among other things, a permanent online connection will be necessary and the copy protection software Denuvo will be used. Payday 3 will be released on September 21, 2023 for PC. A console version is also in the works.

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