Beijing Express: the winner Céline reveals the surprising first name of her baby!

Beijing Express: the winner Céline reveals the surprising first name of her baby!

Good news for the winner of season 17 of Beijing Express, Céline. Indeed, Xavier’s partner has just given birth to an adorable little girl. The latter even inherited a very special name.

Beijing Express: the winning duo gives its news

It’s been months since the duo Xavier and Céline overturned the Beijing Express 2023 adventure. seduce the public thanks to their complicity. So after a season full of emotionsthe two emerged as the winner of the show.

And one thing is sure, even after months, the sweet Celine continues to win the hearts of fans. Indeed, at the end of the Beijing Express broadcast, the candidate did not hesitate to announce great news. The arrival of a new baby. An announcement that moved the Web.

“4 years after the birth of our little prince, it’s time to share our little secret with you… The family is growing! We are happy to announce that we are expecting a baby girlthen entrusts the pair of Xavier. “Mini is coming to us soon! », continues Celine.

“Thank you to my man for sharing my life for more than 15 years and thank you life for giving us this new gift. I wish you all to find someone who always pushes you up, supports you in all your wildest projects and dreamsdeclared the mother with emotion.

However, it has already been more than 5 months since the former star of Beijing Express made his statement. So, a few days ago, Céline gave birth to her second child. A lovely little girl with a very original first name.

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Céline reveals the name of her baby

New moment of happiness for Céline, the former candidate of Beijing Express. Indeed, Xavier’s pair has just announced the arrival of her second baby this Saturday, August 5. An adorable little girl with a very special name. “Welcome my sweet Aria”then wrote the mother in the caption of a photo on Instagram.

On the latter we can see his little brother, who also seems very happy. After that, new tender snaps were shared. Something to move his fans. “Aria, you changed our lives forever”, is it indicated with emotion under the photo where we see the little girl peacefully asleep.

Over her, the loving hands of her parents and Andreas watch over her. For Céline and her darling, a completely different adventure begins. Eh yes !

“Long live you Aria and see you soon on the Pekin Express”, “Congratulations, what a pretty name you have chosen”, “All my best wishes for this life together”. Very touching messages that prove that adventurer fans are always present. Will Céline also be present for the next Beijing Express? To be continued !


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