Benjamin Castaldi: his superb vacation photos with his son Gabriel!

Benjamin Castaldi: his superb vacation photos with his son Gabriel!

Since his eventful end to the season on TPMP, Benjamin Castaldi has only aspired to calm and rest. On Instagram, he posts his vacation photos with his wife and son Gabriel. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

Benjamin Castaldi is devoted to his family

After several years of good and loyal service, Benjamin Castaldi has decided to leave TPMP. Indeed, the host expressed the need to withdraw a little from the media sphere to rest.

Thus, he devotes all his time to his wife and the education of his youngest son Gabriel. A role of dad that he takes to heart and which requires him to be available at all times.

Very often, Benjamin Castaldi therefore shares small moments of life on his Instagram account, to the delight of his subscribers who do not miss a beat. They are always there!

For example, not long ago, the former presenter of Secret Story posted a video who amused the gallery. Above, we see the little Gabriel who listens carefully to the passage of his father on the waves of Europe 1. Too cute!

Besides, this duo seems to be very popular with subscribers. Indeed, very often, they ask for news of Gabriel and emphasize its resemblance with Benjamin Castaldi, which is quite striking. Like father, like son !

One thing is for sure, these two are inseparable. Once again, subscribers have had proof of this thanks to the family’s vacation photos. AIO Information tells you more!

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Heartwarming holiday photos

If almost everyone is able to quote a program presented by Benjamin Castaldi, fewer people know that he is the father of four boys: Julien, Simon, Enzo and Gabriel, the youngest. A beautiful sibling!

Thus, if the first three are grown up and no longer live with him, Benjamin Castaldi still takes care of Gabriel, aged three. This summer, he has also decided to take her on vacation with him on the side of Morbihan.

On his Insta account, Benjamin Castaldi therefore took the opportunity to make a few stories. Above, we see it walking hand in hand with his son in the street near the port or go on rides. Awesome !

This is far from the first time that the former TPMP columnist has shared the face of his last child. In fact, very often promote it on their social networksto the delight of its subscribers.

Summer isn’t over either. Benjamin Castaldi should therefore continue to travel around France with his wife and son and share many other photos and videos on Insta. We look forward !

This will allow him to recharge and focus on the essentials, namely his family. Then he will have all the time in the world to find out if he intends to return to television or not. Case to follow!


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