Benjamin Castaldi shares a hilarious video of his son!

Benjamin Castaldi shares video of his son

This Wednesday, August 9, 2023, Benjamin Castaldi was on the airwaves of Europe 1. And obviously, his youngest son followed his interview very closely!

This Wednesday, August 9, Benjamin Castaldi made a remarkable appearance in the premises of Europe 1. The opportunity for listeners to find out more about its news. As he made known on Instagram, Gabriel, his youngest son, was captivated by his interview. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

TPMP: End clap for Benjamin Castaldi

In the PAF, Benjamin Castaldi has made a name for itself! In the past, he presented the biggest reality TV shows. Like loft story And Secret Story.

But after a long crossing of the desert, the son of Catherine Allégret bounced back into don’t touch my poste. Much appreciated by the public, he distinguished himself as a columnist.

In parallel, the darling of Aurore Aleman also had the chance to be the joker of Cyril Hanouna. On the air, Elio’s grandfather often amused the gallery because of his past love stories. Same for his luxurious lifestyle!

Period now over. Alongside his wife who gave him a little Gabriel in 2020, the presenter has found a nice balance. This Wednesday, August 9, 2023, Benjamin Castaldi was on the waves of Europe 1. The one who is about to surprise his fans at the theater has mentioned his departure from TPMP.

“I think I still learned a lot of things alongside Cyril. Because it’s extremely difficult the talk show, ” he confided to our colleagues. But also : ” It goes extremely fast, in terms of repartee, etc. I don’tI am not the king of repartee. But I really enjoyed doing this show. I loved replacing him and taking the reins (…)”.

Thus, the happy father of four children leaves with memories full of the head: “And it was really a joy, that is to say, leaving for work thinking that we were going to have fun. It is still an exceptional luxury. Obviously, his younger brother followed this interview closely, as evidenced by his Instagram story!

Benjamin Castaldi shares a hilarious video of his son!
Benjamin Castaldi shares a hilarious video of his son!

The host empties his bag: his son on the lookout

Not a little proud, Benjamin Castaldi relayed a Gabriel’s new video in which he tries to get her attention via a computer screen… In vain. “Daddy, daddy, daddy! », is then written the grandson of Jean-Pierre Castaldi. We then guess the voice of his mother trying to reassure him: “ But he can’t hear you, honey. You want to talk to him ?“.

But it’s bad to know his son who was determined to be heard by his parent. In any case, Benjamin Castaldi was not stingy with confidences. Wanting to hit hard, Cyril Hanouna recruited new recruits in TPMP. Like Ségolène Royal, Evelyne Thomas, Eric Naulleau or even Pascale de la Tour du Pin.

Countless changes that motivated Benjamin Castaldi to focus more on his personal projects. ” I won’t be seen anymore, because the show took a shift that is rather topical, etc And that’s not my thing at all.” entrusted the ex-husband of Flavie Flament.

And to complete without a filter: “ I am not a political or societal columnist. Nothing at all and I don’t want to give my opinion on subjects because it’s not my job. So that was a problem for me this year. But that’s my problem.”

Difficult for him to find his place during the animated debates: “I didn’t want to react. on current topics. In addition, it is a program where we say a sentence which is generally amplified, deformed”. To his chagrin, the media and Internet users are constantly on the lookout for the slightest controversy.

“It’s a permanent fight on the networks on which I do not go so much. See more at all. It is very complicated to manage in terms of communication”, concluded Benjamin Castaldi.


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