Brian Cox: Joaquin Phoenix was ‘absolutely terrible’ as Napoleon.


While many consider Joaquin Phoenix to be one of the best actors alive today, not everyone shares that opinion, and it seems that Succession star Brian Cox is definitely not in that group. Instead, he is fiercely critical.

In a live chat (transcribed by The Standard), Cox launched a blistering attack on Phoenix’s performance in Napoleon:

“Terrible. It’s terrible. A truly terrible performance from Joaquin Phoenix. It’s really horrific. I don’t know what he was thinking. I think it’s completely his fault and I don’t think Ridley Scott is helping him. I would have played.” It’s much better than Joaquin Phoenix, you can say that, it’s a good drama.

Acting wasn’t the only thing Cox struggled with, as he also doesn’t like the name Phoenix:

“I think he has a good name. Joaquin…whackeen…whacky. It’s kind of a crazy achievement.”

When he finished Phoenix, he focused on method acting, Braveheart and American politics – as befits a 77-year-old angry uncle.

Brian Cox hates Joaquin Phoenix for acting in his name.


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