Britney Spears in full divorce proceedings with her husband Sam Asghari!

Britney Spears in full divorce proceedings with her husband Sam Asghari!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been separated for a week. After 6 years of relationship and only 14 months of marriage, the husband of the pop star has something to reproach him. AIO Information reveals everything!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari: the end of a romance

The two stars stayed together for 6 years and then on June 9, 2022, they decided to put the ring on their finger. The party was held in Los Angeles and the star wore a Versace princess dress.

Big names were present like Madonna or Selena Gomez. Despite a panic attack of the popstar, the two lovers were happy.

Since this happy event, 14 months have passed for the married couple. But today, the idyll ended. Indeed, they have just separated after a violent argument. According to the American site TMZ, there was already water in the gas for several months. And Britney Spears’ miscarriage in May 2022 would have already shaken their relationship…

Britney Spears had even reacted to this test: “Our love for each other is our strength. We will continue to try to expand our family”. Subsequently, her husband had supported her during the legal battle against his father. In short, things seemed to be picking up again!

While the couple seemed to be moving forward, her husband has just filed for divorce. He would have heard rumors about her and would not have supported it. AIO Information tells you!

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Sam Asghari files for divorce

The actor and model filed for divorce on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. According to TMZ, he’s accusing Britney Spears of cheating on him. He would have left the couple’s home and would now live at home.

Still according to rumors, Britney Spears would have denied these remarks. She would now be with her family and take care of her mental health. Indeed, a relative of the singer confided to the media ET: “She is hurt because the situation brings back old memories for her”.

Above all, the Iranian-born actor would put pressure on the pop star. Indeed, the singer, long under guardianship, protected her property. She established a concrete marriage contract. The model allegedly threatens her to divulge information about her private life to obtain money. He would thus have embarrassing information on Britney Spears.

Also according to TMZ, Sam Asghari’s lawyer would talk about contesting the contract. The model would try to renegotiate the contract by including a confidentiality clause. And he would even ask for alimony!

In the meantime, the two concerned have still not reacted on the subject. Whether the breakup is final remains to be seen. But above all, if the team of Britney Spears, who had insisted that her husband comply with certain clauses in order to protect his fortune, will succeed in getting her out of this situation.

The singer seems to be doing well all the same. A few days ago, she posted a photo of herself on horseback all smiles. She even talks about getting one for her castle. To be continued !


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