Bungie: Unannounced game set in a comedic world

Bungie: Unannounced game set in a comedic world

Bungie, the creators of Halo and Destiny, are looking to hire new staff for an unannounced game.

Bungie is looking to recruit new staff for their latest and previously unannounced game. It has been leaked that the game is inspired by a variety of genres and will offer a “comedic world”.

“Incubation at Bungie is focused on building inclusive worlds, which requires time and team members from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, we are actively looking for employees who work completely remotely!”

“We are committed to a digital future without having to return to the office.”

“One of our favorite incubation projects is a team-based action game inspired by multiple genres in a brand new science-fantasy universe.”

“It’s inspired by fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life simulations, and frog-like games, all wrapped in a light-hearted, comedic world.”

“The team strives for depth, skill, and the action-packed feel that is typical of Bungie, as well as a friendly, inclusive community. We are actively hiring for this project and other small project teams.”

“So if you want to create a new kind of Bungie game, get involved!”

What does that sound like to you?


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