Finnish Runner Camilla Richardsson Reflects on WC 10,000m Final: Aiming for Improvement Amidst Unpredictable Race

Camilla Richardsson runs in the WC final of 10,000 meters.

There was a lot of TV time for Camilla Richardsson during the WC final in the 10,000 meters. She was the first to lose at the leisurely pace so she took the lead and held it for the first half of the race.

Before the race, Richardsson spoke about her being in shape to improve her Finnish record. That dream was crushed immediately at the beginning when no one was keen to increase the speed.

– Just like in the European Cup, there was a lot of pushing and shoving. So I thought I’ve learned my lesson: It’s just to take the lead and see what happens, she tells Yle Sporten.

She assumed that someone else in the field would think similarly and that she would thus get some help. That didn’t work out.

– I gradually started to look around me and think: “Well, how many laps is this going to last”.

It turned out that it would last for many turns.

Proud of himself

When the world stars finally took command, she could no longer keep up. But it wasn’t because she had spilled too much gunpowder when she was first in the race.

– The stage became more relaxed when I was in the lead. You have to remember that those who are at the top of the world run terrible times. I didn’t have a chance at a more advanced placement than this. I wanted to see what happens if I pick up the pace, she says.

She finally crossed the finish line as fifteenth lady. She says it was about what she had wished for.

– I am proud that I have made it this far. I almost had the worst personal best so I thought every placement I pick is good. Top fifteen in the world is no shame.

In the interview zone half an hour after the competition, she still partly struggles with her emotions. The race didn’t quite go according to the script she had drawn up.

– The form is good and the run felt good, so it is certainly sad that the race developed like this. In the WC, you compete for places, but it would have been nice to go home with a new personal record, she thinks.

EC medal in sight

In this context, it is worth noting that Richardsson was the fourth best European in the race. When the EC in Rome next year comes up, there is a glow in her voice and eyes.

– Before this year, a medal was not even on the map for me. But next year I will train with an EC medal in the back of my mind.

But her WC is not over yet. Her next challenge is the trials heat of 5,000 meters. The goal of that competition crystallized as she wandered along the interview zone after Saturday night’s final drama.

– I got a good placement in tenth, so I could take a good time in fifth. Then it would weigh fairly evenly. This is what my plan looks like, she says and laughs.

The trial heats of 5,000 meters are on the program on Wednesday afternoon.


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