Carlo Ancelotti rails against the overloaded calendar

Carlo Ancelotti rails against the overloaded calendar

“Don Carlo” step up to the plate.

Like Pep Guardiola, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti castigated, this Friday at a press conference, the frantic sequence of matches, and their extension with the now longer additional times. A disproportionate pace which has real repercussions on the health of the players, as evidenced by the string of injuries at the start of the season.

They are trying to improve the quality of the show by putting in more minutes of play, more matches. However, it is simple: to improve the quality, it is necessary to decrease the quantity a little, pointed the Italian technician before continuing. But the problem is that coaches and players have no say.Football is not managed as it should be. They want to put in more matches to earn more money. Players suffer more injuries. They cannot demonstrate their qualities to the fullest. There are very good players who are tired, injured… When will that change? I don’t know.»

Another reason to frown.


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