Caroline Receveur taken care of in the emergency room because of her cancer!

Caroline Receveur taken care of in the emergency room because of her cancer!

On her Insta account, Caroline Receveur gave her news. She then revealed had to run to the emergency room. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

Caroline Receveur battles breast cancer

It’s no longer a secret, Caroline Receveur suffers from breast cancer. Indeed, the famous influencer, who has been very discreet for several months, announced the terrible news. On her social networks, she therefore took the time to look back on his fight and made a point of recalling that she intended to get out of it.

Indeed, on her Insta account, Caroline Receveur posted a message full of emotions: “I who thought I could keep ‘this secret’, I can’t do it anymore. This desired loneliness to face this ordeal alone cuts me off from the rest of the world and adds weight to my daily life… This daily punctuated by round trips to the hospital since the announcement of my breast cancer 2 months ago. An aggressive breast cancer certainly, but detected at an early stage. »

Before adding: “I don’t really know how I intend to share this daily life with you (…) What is certain is that I will have things to share with you about this experience when I have the hindsight needed to make it a strength. »

Surrounded by love and joy, the young woman can count on the support of her husband. Indeed, Hugo Philip supports his wife in this difficult ordeal and tries to bring her hope and good humor. It must be said that since their meeting, the two lovebirds support each other in the hardest times.

If since the announcement of her illness, Caroline Receveur has been very discreet on social networks, the latter has decided to give her news. Indeed, she explains that she spent a night in the emergency room. AIO Information tells you more!

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A night in the emergency room

Since the announcement of her illness, Caroline Receveur receives many messages of support. Anonymous, celebrities or even close friends, all seem mobilized to bring positive vibes to the star of the networks. What bring balm to the heart of the young woman in this difficult ordeal.

Faced with numerous reactions and concerns, Caroline Receveur decided to update on social media. Indeed, the latter returned to her night of August 16. For good reason, she spent it in the emergency room. Ouch!

Caroline Receveur therefore explained: “With chemo my immune defenses are at their lowest. As a result, with each infection or bout of fever, you have to check everything quickly. Tonight we were on a Zona, the last time a Covid, what’s next? »

But do not panic, she did not forget to specify: “All Good”. Something to reassure his fans who seem very worried about his state of health.

One thing is certain, Caroline Receveur has not said her last word. Determined to fight this breast cancer, she will come back very quickly, fitter than ever. In the meantime, she continues to send a positive message, always full of optimism and determination!


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