Charles III: the new date of his arrival in France finally unveiled!

Charles III: the new date of his arrival in France finally unveiled!

Charles III soon to visit France. Indeed, since the cancellation of his visit last March, the English monarch now plans to come in September. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z.

Charles III: soon in France?

Charles III became the official King of the United Kingdom since last March. Indeed, the son of Elizabeth II succeeded his mother, after her death on Thursday, September 8. From, the sovereign is visiting through different states. Among his travels, the meeting with Joe Biden was eagerly awaited. Eh yes !

However, the whole day did not go as planned. It must be said that American and English customs seem very far apart. Thus, touching the back of Charles III, the president of the United States has drawn the wrath of observers British. A moment that will not soon be forgotten.

But that’s not all. Indeed, Charles III had also planned to be in France, for an official visit. Scheduled for March 26, this visit did not take place. The reason : a very complicated social context which prompted Emmanuel Macron to cancel the trip. Just that !

Indeed, due to numerous manifestations, the arrival of the king was not conceivable. Thus, to catch up, the French president has planned to postpone the visit.

So, a new date of stay now seems official. According to the latest information, Charles III should arrive by September. AIO Information tells you more!

A new date announced

It’s official, the King of England will indeed be visiting France very soon. Indeed, the Elysée Palace has just confirmed it in a press release. So this time, Emmanuel Macron wishes to welcome Charles III in good conditions.

So, after many proposals, the two countries agreed. It is therefore next September that Charles III will set foot in France. A long-awaited visit therefore, and planned for months. Eh yes !

Thus, as for last March, the schedule of the king already seems busy. It will mainly start with the reception of the French president at the Arc de Triomphe. Then, the sovereign and the head of state will have planned to end this first day with a long-awaited dinner at the Elysée Palace.

Charles III will also visit at the Palace of Versailles where a big meal will be planned. His wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, will also be visiting France where she will attend several meetings.

For the moment, the exact date is not yet relevant. Indeed, it will be transmitted by the Elysée by the end of August. It remains to be seen whether the king’s program does not change by then. To be continued !

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