Cyprus head of government announces EU agreement with Lebanon

Middle East Conflict - Lebanon

“I am pleased to travel to Lebanon on May 2 together with the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to announce a concrete financial package from the European Union on our initiative,” said the head of state in an interview with the German publishing network (RND). “This package for Lebanon is not just about the financial aspect,” he emphasized. “It also includes support for Lebanese institutions, for example the Lebanese Armed Forces, which are a stabilizing factor in the country.” He spoke of a “long-term plan” between the EU and Lebanon.

The objective of aid to Lebanon is to limit migration to Cyprus, an EU country. “I have to use the clearest words here: enough is enough. “We are not in a position to take in more Syrian refugees,” Christodoulidis said. “We are at the limit and can no longer cope with this flow of refugees.” He considers that the national security of the EU country is threatened.

Cyprus is also holding bilateral talks with Lebanon to stem the flow of Syrian migrants. “At the same time, we also have to talk in the EU about the fact that certain regions of Syria are now de facto safe. We expressly demand that certain areas of Syria be classified as safe regions.”


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