Delphine Wespiser reveals a secret on the set of Fort Boyard!

Delphine Wespiser reveals a secret on the set of Fort Boyard!

When present on the set of Fort Boyard, Delphine Wespiser must be on all fronts. But she revealed her time-saving secrets when changing costumes between White and Red. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

Delphine Wespiser: a former Miss France with busy days

When you become Miss France, it is sometimes difficult to find long-term opportunities. But we can say that Delphine Wespiser has perfectly succeeded in her retraining in TV.

Indeed, Miss France 2012 recently launched a new reality showLove Island, including she revealed behind the scenes. The profession of presenter does not scare her!

And the least we can say is that she fulfills this new role brilliantly. So much so that Cyril Hanouna, his former colleague in TPMP, gave him a phone call to congratulate her. More than deserved.

And speaking of TPMP, the former Miss France recently announcement his departure from the show. No doubt she will be missed!

In parallel with TV, Delphine Wespiser has also many exciting projects such asa new adventure that makes her happier than ever. In the middle of nature, she really feels in her element!

But if there is one show in which she stands out, it’s Fort Boyard. She has also revealed a few filming secrets that allow her to play multiple roles. AIO Information tells you more!

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Fort Boyard filming secrets finally revealed

As spectators, we often wonder about certain details that make Fort Boyard so magical. And Delphine Wespiser knows the answers very well to some of our questions.

Indeed, she recently confided some filming secrets of the show during an interview for Tele-Leisure. And we finally know how she can juggle between the roles of Blanche and Rouge on the same day. Definitely, she loves to do amazing revelations about Fort Boyard !

Guillaume Ramain, the artistic producer of the game show, detailed this well-run organization. No detail is left to chance!

“It’s the magic of filming! More concretely, the candidates have the choice between going to Blanche or to Rouge. On the morning of the shoot, they are asked to choose which character they want to go to if ever they are sacrificed during the show. That way, we shoot the sequences with Blanche or with Rouge in the morning, because Delphine Wespiser grime in one or the other. During the contestants’ lunch break, she goes to change and have her makeup done, and in the afternoon she shoots the sequences for the other character.”he first explained.

He then added that “It happens that she puts on a white face in the morning and that all the candidates choose to go to Rouge, so that she prepared herself for nothing! ». Yes, in this kind of shows, you can’t always anticipate everything…


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