Depay counters equalization quickly and worth seeing: Atletico defeats Granada

Depay counters equalization quickly and worth seeing: Atletico defeats Granada

Atletico set the tone directly and had the first good chance after six minutes, Morata failed at keeper André Ferreira. A little later there was a shock for Diego Simeones Rojiblancos: Captain Koke was injured and had to be substituted (7th). The better of the few chances belonged to the home side, de Paul missed the 1-0 (19th).

Morata takes care of the break late

In the physical game, Atletico finally took the lead with the break: Morata dusted off because Real loan Vallejo (once loaned to Frankfurt) had unluckily deflected into the run of the Spanish international striker (45 + 4).

Immediately after the restart, Oblak was challenged for the first time, the keeper made a strong save against Samu (47 ‘) Granada’s first shot on goal. Otherwise, the climber did little offensively. Atletico’s forward game also stagnated, Atleti joker Depay initially missed (60th).

Samu makes the 1:1 after mistakes – direct compensation

The equalizer came out of nowhere, after a mistake by Carrasco, Villar stuck through Söyüncü’s legs to Samu, who stabbed from close range (62′).

However, the two unlucky ravens at 1: 1 made amends: ex-Freiburger Söyücu (arrived in minute 59) resolutely passed on to Carrasco, whose pass found Depay – and the offensive joker balanced the ball from a distance behind the line, which is worth seeing (67th minute). .).

In the final phase it got exciting again. Correa failed to keeper André Ferreira (88th), on the other side Oblak saved against Uzuni (90th + 3). Once again, with the final whistle of a round, a Madrid player finally stabbed: Llorente took advantage of a mistake, after that it was over (90 + 8).

With a view to the second matchday, the Rojiblancos could almost join the guests’ journey home. A good two hours west of Granada, in Seville, Atletico Madrid continues on Sunday (9:30 p.m.) at Real Betis. The promoted team will host Rayo Vallecano at the same time the next day.


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