Diablo 4: This sound tells you when the butcher is nearby

Diablo 4: This sound tells you when the butcher is nearby

You only meet the butcher in Diablo 4 by chance. And you don’t look for him, no, he finds you and you can hardly prepare for his appearance. Especially since the nasty opponent seems to have a nose for when you have very few healing potions. However, a YouTuber has now found a trick on how to track down the butcher and notice him a little earlier.

So you hear the butcher in the dungeon early

If you’ve been lucky or unlucky, you’ve met the legendary boss somewhere on his forays. He can surprise you in the open world or in dungeons. After all, there is a way to defeat this enormous boss using the environment if your resources are no longer sufficient. The butcher likes to get stuck in doors.

Being prepared for this monstrosity is always an advantage. YouTuber GoinPostle2 thought so too and is sharing his discovery with his community – and now you too.

According to him, there is a clear musical signal that announces the butcher. If you know what sound to listen for and have the in-game music turned on, it’s hard to miss.

The music gets more dramatic as you enter a new room in a dungeon, according to the YouTuber. That means the butcher is nearby. If you leave this room again and wait a few seconds, you will only hear softer background music again.

Have you noticed this change in music before?


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