Does Adam Wharton have the most motivated brother in the world?

Does Adam Wharton have the most motivated brother in the world?

Here’s one that hasn’t started yet.

Scott Wharton, brother of young Adam Wharton (20), who was selected by Gareth Southgate to play for England at the European Championships, embarked on a road trip of several hundred kilometres to watch his brother play in Germany. Scott Wharton, who plays for Blackburn, the English second division club where his brother Adam coached, is recovering from knee surgery and cannot fly. “I have not been able to fly for two months, and for six weeks operated on,” the 26-year-old defender explained on the microphone of the British broadcaster ITV Granada. But no matter, Adam’s big brother decided to drive to Germany anyway.

“We are going to Hull to take the ferry to Rotterdam, then we will travel to Düsseldorf, where we will spend the night game,” the person concerned explained. Even though Adam Wharton, who has been playing for Crystal Palace since this winter, did not play in England’s win over Serbia on Sunday evening, Scott hopes to see him on German pitches in the coming days. Just to make the price of a full tank of gas worthwhile.

Take that, Jean-Marc Jancovici.

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