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Dubois’ coach sent a message to Filip Hrgović: “If he relies on it – good luck to him!”

Dubois' coach sent a message to Filip Hrgović:

In connection with the upcoming fight between Filip Hrgović and Daniel Dubois, one of the most common topics is the sparring that the Croatian and British heavyweight carried out in 2018. According to El Animal, Dubois performed quite poorly in this sparring session and the 31-year-old Zagreb man is now using this experience strategically to “get into the head of his next opponent” and shake his confidence. The opposing camp, of course, rejects the idea that the sparring in question could influence the fight in any way, and Dubois’ trainer Don Charles has now joined the story.

“I have heard rumors about this sparring and if you ask me whether they are true or made up, you have to assume that they are true. Daniel was 20 or 21 years old at the time and I wasn’t his coach. Now he’s 26.” “He was already five or six years old, so five or six years ago, he was just a kid when this sparring took place,” Don Charles said for Boxing Social, adding: “If Hrgović is into it will leave and gain self-confidence from it – good luck to him”.

As the conversation continued, journalist Louis Hart asked Charles whether it was not a fact that the results of sparring still had some weight and were not a negligible factor, both for the one who was better at it and for the one who whoever made it had the worse ending.

“Of course, when you’re better than someone in a sparring session, you get confidence from that, but like I said, Daniel was 20 years old at the time, he was a boy who has now grown into a man.” Look what he’s achieved since then has. “I repeat, if Hrgović relies on it, I wish him good luck. The Daniel he will fight on June 1st is not the Daniel he fought with,” concluded Dubois’ trainer.



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