EA SPORTS FC 24: Pay to Win on Evolutions? Requirements, tasks, upgrades

 EA SPORTS FC 24: Pay to Win on Evolutions?  Requirements, tasks, upgrades

Thanks to the Evolutions, according to EA SPORTS, the year should be heralded in which you “finally your Ultimate Team”. But does this new opportunity for the popular mode literally come with a price? The Deep Dive article on innovation in EA SPORTS FC 24 clarifies that some evolutions also have “coins or coins/points requirements ” will entail. In other words: the use of real money could be provided for some developments.

The wording suggests that it will always be possible to pay with coins – i.e. without real money. However, the mere option of purchasing individual evolutions with points raises questions. Will EA SPORTS put the best developments behind the paywall? If that is the case, the well-known pay-to-win issue should quickly come up again. Those with greater financial resources could unlock the strongest upgrades.

Each evolution has its own requirements

The developer has not yet provided any information on the exact nature of the “coins or coins/points requirements”. Accordingly, there is only suspicion for the time being. “We want to make sure the upgrade paths of evolutions in Ultimate Team are balanced,” adds EA SPORTS as an additional explanation.

After all, “a selection of evolutions should definitely be available free of charge” at the start of the season. However, this does not mean that all player cards in Ultimate Team can also become part of the new feature. The options are limited depending on the evolution. “Develop a Silver player” and “Develop a left-back with three stars for skill moves” are given by the publisher as examples.

Each evolution is given a “set of levels” that can be reached by completing challenges. Tasks range from “Play five games in which you score with this player in the starting XI” to “Win 20 Ultimate Team Champs games with this player”. Once all the challenges of the level have been mastered, upgrades are earned – and new levels are unlocked.

There are many possible upgrades

The upgrades are varied. The classic increase in the overall rating, but also the increase of individual attributes are possible. In addition, skill moves, weak foot, work rates, PlayStyles, as well as alternative positions can be “adjusted” according to EA SPORTS. In addition, new designs for the player objects can be unlocked. In the deep dive example, Gold Moukoko becomes a green special card with a strand of DNA in the background.

The developer sets himself the goal of keeping the evolutions “fresh and updated” throughout the season. In other words, there should always be other ways to further develop your own Ultimate Team squad. Some evolutions will only be available temporarily, others must be started in a specific period of time. EA SPORTS announces a separate deep dive for this.

No player switching within an evolution

In addition, the publisher presents the evolution cards as not for sale – they cannot be traded on the transfer market. The number of special items in the team that have been or will be developed is unlimited. However, only one player can be actively evolved at a time. It is possible to interrupt the process at any time, switch to another professional and continue later.

However, each development may only be contested by one card. If a player starts an evolution, no other professional can be used in his place. However, what is feasible: If Moukoko’s gold object meets several requirements, the fans can also complete several evolutions with the BVB talent – but this does not work at the same time.


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