EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team: All innovations at a glance

EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team: All innovations at a glance

In monetary terms, Ultimate Team is an absolute godsend for EA SPORTS. In the last quarter, microtransactions, which are very popular in the online mode, again accounted for a large part of the former FIFA developer’s sales. So it’s understandable that the Canadian subsidiary of the US company Electronic Arts also wants to keep its players in EA SPORTS FC 24 – and lures them with some new announcements.

Women’s Soccer in Ultimate Team

The biggest revolution in Ultimate Team is certainly the introduction of women’s football. So far, only male professionals were playable. This is now changing, as was communicated during the reveal event in July. Specifically, five women’s professional leagues will be represented in Ultimate Team: The Women’s Super League from England, the D1 Arkema from France, the German Women’s Bundesligathe Spanish League F and the US League National Women’s Soccer League.

In addition, according to Deep Dive by EA SPORTS, there will be a select number of clubs and players from the Women’s Champions League give. This also includes hero items and icons, which – like all women – should be integrated in all facets of Ultimate Teams from moments to objectives to drafts.

FC 24 Ultimate Team: Chemistry between the sexes

The effect of women on the team chemistry of mixed teams is exciting. The basic idea remains the same: Nations, leagues and teams are taken into account. Chemistry points can be achieved across genders by nations and clubs. Reece James and his sister Lauren, both signed to Chelsea, thus award each other chemistry points for club and nation.

At league level, however, there is a separation. So two players from the women’s Bundesliga linked to each other, but not a woman from the women’s Bundesliga and a man from the Bundesliga.

Club icons thanks to Ultimate Team Evolutions?

The second major innovation in FC 24 Ultimate Team will be the “Evolutions”. This “powerful new system,” as EA SPORTS calls it, gives you the ability to level up individual cards on your team by completing quests. The progress is distributed over several levels, after each of which you will receive an upgrade.

There is a wide range of types of upgrades. The overall rating of the item can increase as well as specific values. Also can Skill Moves, Weak feet, working ratesPlayStyles and secondary positions be improved or changed. Also will optical adjustments provided in promising.

However, not every player from your club can be developed in this way. With the beginning of each new season in Ultimate Team, there will be fresh slots that are always linked to certain framework conditions. For example, you can only upgrade a silver card or just a player in a specific position.

Ultimate Team Evolutions: Limited in quantity and availability

In addition, not all of the available evolutions will be freely available. According to the developer, some of the options have “Coin or Coin/Point terms“. Officially, this is a measure to “balance development paths of evolution improvements across Ultimate Team”.

Another limitation concerns the quantity of evolutions. It is possible to use several of the cards in a team without any problems, but you can currently only improve one of the special cards at a time. After all, EA SPORTS announced that it would save the progress of an evolution card. If a task becomes too monotonous for you, you can pursue another evolutionary development in the meantime and then return to the first task.

However, you should think carefully about which players to tackle these tasks with. Once selected, you cannot change the evolution player to follow the path with a different item. In addition, the items become exchangeable and can no longer be traded on the in-game market.

FC 24 Ultimate Team: Position modifiers removed

Ultimate Team will also be enriched by a number of small and large improvements that the community, according to EA, wanted. First and foremost is the chemistry system, which is experiencing two innovations: On the one hand, position modifiers are omitted. So if a card can play more than one position, it only has to be moved to one of the secondary positions and it automatically adapts. On the other hand significantly adjusted the influence of icons. In the future, the coveted special cards will also award a league point to every player on the pitch.

FC 24: New icon versions and chemistry

However, icons experience a second twist. From the release, the usual basic versions of the heroes of yesteryear will be available. However, whether there will be medium and prime versions is an open question. EA SPORTS at least announced that there should be “a single basic version” of the icons, which should be increasingly built into promos over the course of the year.

Speaking of building: The menu navigation will be completely redesigned. For one, there is a “Quick Switcher“, which you can use to jump from one area of ​​Ultimate Team to another at any time. For example, from Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to Objectives.

Clearer menu navigation

Which brings us to the next point: The goals should now be presented in a more appealing and clearer way. That means there is future more subcategories, which will be controlled by a larger number of tabs. However, not only the visual appearance should be comfortable here. Because the long-awaited “Claim All” commandwith which you can get all collected rewards with one click, is in the starting blocks.

Clarity is also a keyword in things Club search and map design: If you search your club because you are completing an SBC, you will no longer see loan players in FC 24 that cannot be used for the SBC. For this, secondary positions are included in the search. For example, if you want to add a right-back, a player like Joshua Kimmich, who usually plays in defensive midfield but can alternatively act as a right-back, will also be displayed.

FC 24 Ultimate Team: New map design and double walkouts

If you take a look at the cards, you should compare them to previous versions neven more information are given. The items contain a reference to the league of the respective player and – if available – reflect the PlayStyle+. However, normal PlayStyles are probably not displayed.

As is usual every year, the animations when opening a pack have also been redesigned. In FC 24 there is a real eye-catcher. If you draw two strong cards, there is a “Double Walkout” to see in which both player items are displayed and the avatars of the pros interact with each other.

Last but not least, EA SPORTS has also thought of Squad Battles players. The halftime length of matches against AI teams will be reduced. Up to now six minutes per half of the game were due, in FC 24 it is only four.


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