Euro Truck Simulator 2: Update 1.48 brings joy to the Northern Lights

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Update 1.48 brings joy to the Northern Lights

Patch 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 went through an open beta phase in mid-July. At that time, the content was already revealed, but not the final release of the update. That has now changed, because on Monday, August 7th, the developers at SCS Software announced that Update 1.48 was officially rolled out for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The developers provided the changelog at the same time.

Northern Germany in focus of update 1.48

The highlights of the new update may be of interest to players in this country, especially those from the northernmost states. A revision of Germany is currently taking place for the simulator; Hamburg, Travemünde, Rostock and Kiel are currently affected by the conversion. This includes, among other things, an overhaul of the surrounding road networks, landmarks and industry. The Feldbinder special vehicle works and Winsen an der Luhe, which is also the headquarters of the works, are also part of the update.

There, players will be able to receive orders from two depots: one for dropping off much-needed cargo, parts and more, and another area for picking up new trailers off the assembly line to ship to companies and customers across Europe. The update also brings other changes/innovations to vehicles and UI, as well as bug fixes. You will find more detailed information on this when the update is announced on Steam.

Update 1.48 changelog


  • Germany revamp


  • Electronic stability control (anti-lock braking system + traction control)
  • Redesigned vehicle transport trailers

User interface:

  • Exploring the map per country
  • Cities in the gallery
  • Option slider now with numbers
  • Revision of the input wizard user interface for selecting controls


  • Changing the structure of third-party mods

Source: SCS Software


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