Explosions in Iran – Israeli robots have reportedly attacked Iranian targets

Map of Iran and Israel with the Israeli attack on Isfahan.

Early Friday morning, Iranian media reported explosions in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. At the same time, the American broadcaster ABC News stated that Israeli robots had attacked targets in Iran.

In retaliation for Iran’s attack on Israel last Saturday, Israel fired missiles at targets in Iran early Friday morning. This was reported by the American broadcaster ABC News, citing a high-ranking American source.

At the same time, Iranian media reported three explosions in the Isfahan area in central Iran.

According to CNN, Isfahan has a military airfield, a nuclear reactor and a nuclear research center.

Iran’s state news agency IRNA reports that air defenses have been activated in several Iranian provinces, while airspace in western Iran is said to have been closed and several international airlines have diverted their aircraft to avoid the area in question.

“Nuclear facilities completely safe”

Iranian media reports that nuclear facilities in Isfahan province are “completely safe.” There they cite anonymous high-ranking Iranian sources.

According to the anonymous American source cited by CNN, the Israeli attack did not target a nuclear facility.

The Reuters news agency reports that Israel did not warn the US of an impending attack on targets in Iran.

Warnings are coming

Last weekend, Iran fired hundreds of drones and robots into Israel in retaliation for the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which killed several senior Iranian officials.

Israel managed to shoot down most of Iran’s drones and robots last weekend with the help of the USA, Great Britain and, for example, Jordan. A little Israeli girl is said to have been killed in connection with the massive Iranian attack, but there were no other major injuries.

Since then, the outside world has warned Israel against overly harsh retaliation to prevent this crisis from developing into a major regional war.

Iran, in turn, warned that it would respond to a possible Israeli retaliation with even more widespread attacks.

Sources: Reuters, AFP, Yle, ABC, CNN, Haaretz


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