F-16 too late and no longer relevant: now Ukraine needs other weapons

American HIMARS rocket launchers

A senior Ukrainian military official has described the Western F-16 fighter jets expected in Ukraine this summer as “no longer relevant.” As the British newspaper Telegraph reports, the problem is usually that weapons systems are not delivered on time. “They come when they are no longer relevant,” the newspaper quoted the anonymous official as saying. “Every weapon has its right moment. F-16s needed in 2023; They will no longer fit in 2024.”

The United States delivers twelve aircraft to Ukraine in July

As The Telegraph further reports, 12 of the US planes are scheduled to be delivered to Ukraine in July, after months of efforts by President Volodymyr Zelensky and other senior Kiev officials. Instead of modern aircraft, which the official said Moscow can now combat, what Ukraine now needs are more traditional weapons and drones. “We need shells and grenades, hundreds of thousands of grenades and rockets,” The Telegraph quoted the officer as saying. He estimates that Ukraine needs four million grenades and two million drones.

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