FIFA 23: Ferrari at 99er pace – EA offers curious futties cards

FIFA 23: Ferrari at 99er pace - EA offers curious Futties conclusion

Sassuolo defender Gian Marco Ferrari’s silver card has just 50 speed points in FUT 23 – that hardly lives up to his high-speed name. Was also found by EA SPORTS and equipped the Italian with a futties object. This has a full 99 counters for speed. The Ferrari item is just one of several examples of the developer apparently approaching the promo with a wink.

Brand new in this series: Keeper Toby Savin from the English third division club Accrington Stanley. Under normal circumstances, the 22-year-old, who previously only had a bronze card in FUT 23, would probably not be a candidate for an endgame event. However, his last name, which suggests numerous rescue operations, gives him the futties object. As such, Savin shines with 96 reflexes and 97 positional play.

Agile Antman and dangerous Danger

Finn Oliver Antman’s futties card has been equipped with 99 points for dribbling in the style of his lively superhero namesake. This not only affects the basic value, but all attributes of this category. Frenchman Bradley Danger has received a special item that lives up to his dangerous surname: in the futties variant he received 99 points for strength, aggressiveness and sliding tackle.

The DFB eFootball account even suspects another item with allusion on Twitter: the Shapeshifters card from the South African Gift Links. This was released in the premium version, which means chemistry advantages – or to put it another way: better links. “The intern at EA definitely has too much time,” concludes DFB eFootball – and sent two other candidates into the race with Marino Defendi (bronze) and Bryan Passi (silver).

The futties promo is set to resume at 7pm on Friday night. The new loading screen also announces the FUT 23 pre-season event, which traditionally allows content to be unlocked for the upcoming title. It is therefore quite possible that the first advantages for EA SPORTS FC 24 will already be available.


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