FIFA 23: Trouble About Title Update 17 – Gameplay Complaints From PC Players

FIFA 23: Trouble About Title Update 17 - Gameplay Complaints From PC Players

“The new title update is now available and contains updates to some internal processes,” console players were only able to read when FIFA 23 started on Tuesday. Assuming they had said patch installed. EA SPORTS left fans in the dark about the nature of the “internal processes” that are said to be affected. Accordingly, confusion arose within the community. What happens with Title Update 17?

The new patch only has the desired noticeable effect on the PC. There he catches up with the full title update 16 with the inclusion of the hijab for Nouhaila Benzina, which was previously only available on consoles. EA SPORTS announced this in the EASF tracker on Trello – and in the in-game notification of affected users. In addition to the desired changes, there are probably also problems in FIFA 23.

Lags, FPS drops and 56k modem comparison

Some players report that the gameplay on the PC should have been affected. In some cases, the football simulation is “unplayable” after the latest update. There should be lags that affect the gaming experience. “Even offline, the gameplay feels like watching a streaming video with a 56k modem in 2001,” says a user on – formerly Twitter – even.

The graphics also suffered a setback due to Title Update 17. Another user complains directly to EA SPORTS about a significant FPS drop – also offline. The developer has not yet officially commented on the complaints. Meanwhile, the PC community is hoping for a quick fix for the new problems.


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