Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft celebrates its third birthday and 12 million players (update)

Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft celebrates its third birthday and 12 million players (update)


  1. 1Three years MSFS

Original article from 08/11/2023: That for the 21.9. The planned Sim Update 13 for Flight Simulator 2020 is now leaving the closed beta and can be played in a public beta for the first time. Microsoft announces this in the current developer diary.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Sim Update 13

As Microsoft and Asobo report, the first public test version for Sim Update 13 (game client was released on Wednesday – for those players who have decided to receive beta versions. The detailed release notes for this preliminary version are available in the forum. If anyone is not yet a part of the beta program but would like to help with the testing phase for the next major update of Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out the rules at Microsoft. The beta is available for Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox Series X/S.

The current developer notes mention some major improvements that are to come with Sim Update 13. There is an improvement to the piston engine model, as well as several additional features and a number of bug fixes for the 747/787 of the AAU-02 update. Reverse VR controller interaction on all flight controls is also set to be fixed. There is also a bug fix for the case where the logbook reached a maximum size and saving of new flights stopped. For many world updates from 3 to 12 there should be corrections to viewpoints and airports. Great progress has been made in this area since Sim Update 12. They plan to fix “all remaining bugs” by World Update 13. Also, based on community feedback, there are issues with the A310, Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, Grumman Goose, and Spruce Goose.

The latest content for the simulation will be playable from August 24th to 27th in Hall 8 at the Xbox booth in Cologne, alongside other Microsoft games. The team is waiting for the hobby pilots at the north entrance. On August 26th there will also be a community event for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans in Cologne.

Three years MSFS

Update from 08/18/2023: In the new developer update, Microsoft reveals that the PC version of Flight Simulator was launched exactly three years ago. A total of 12 million planes are flying on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Otherwise the previous public beta test for the sim update 13 with test version continues, the feedback is valuable to prepare for the release in September. Already on 16.8. there were problems with the live weather in the flight simulation.


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