FM 23: These five mods improve the Football Manager experience

FM 23: These five mods improve the Football Manager experience

Would you like more countries, leagues and realism? The Football Manager 2023 can be expanded in many ways with mods from the community. We introduce you to five mods that open up a whole new gaming experience.

In order to be able to mod Football Manager, you have to play it on PC – either via Steam, Epic Games or the Microsoft Store or Game Pass.

Kimmich & Co. in the national team

For licensing reasons, only grey, fictitious players are called up to the German national team. However, you can fix this with the so-called Fake.lnc. After installation, the national coach nominates Kimmich, Musiala & Co again in the Football Manager. In addition, a number of clubs, competitions and awards are given their real names. Important: You have to be logged in to see the download.

FM Wanderlust? Experience football worldwide

If the selection of leagues in Football Manager seems too small for you, the mod “Around the Globe” will send you on a trip around the world. It ensures that you can play in all countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America known to FM 23. So if you want to prove your trainer skills somewhere else – here you can tackle the project.

Barcelona 1999: The big Bayern trauma

Modder ‘TheMadScientist’ enables a journey into the past with its retro databases. He breathed new life into the 1998/99 season for the FM 23. Manchester United with Beckham, Scholes and Giggs, AC Parma with Cannavaro, Thuram and Crespo or FC Bayern with Matthäus, Effenberg and Basler – the database is full of legends whose history you can rewrite.

Ticket prices in Syria – dare more realism

The “Realism Megapack” is one of the most detailed and extensive mods from the FM community – and one of the most popular. Because creator ‘Daveincid’ wants to make Football Manager as realistic as possible – on all levels. To do this, he edited hundreds of thousands of parameters, from transfer preferences, injury probabilities and tax rates to ticket prices in Syria. In order to ensure the quality of his files, he checks the impact of each change in long-term simulations.

True Trainer Experience: A skin with no attributes

Speaking of realism: Real football coaches can’t rate their players based on their attributes. You can recreate this in Football Manager. The “StarAttributes” skin hides the values ​​of all attributes. Instead, you only see a colored star that indicates an approximate quality level. Which makes you rely more on stats, your data analysts, and your own judgment of a player.


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